Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 4

How can teachers integrate technology into their work as educators?

  • They can use technology inside the classroom to present new material.
  • They can use technology outside the classroom for professional resources.
  • They can use technology for the students to access inside and outside of the classroom.

Online technology integration resources

 I think this section gives a good place to start when attempting to integrate technology into your classroom. It not only gives you some simple ideas, but also gives you the standards for teachers. I am also intrigued by the NCTE inbox and blog.  It is a nice way for teachers of English to stay on the leading edge of technology specifically for their topic.


I think that this chapter gives many good ideas for how to integrate technology into the classroom. I also found it comforting that I might not be the only person that would be intimidated by technology and the fact that my students are probably more adept at it than I am.  I think it gives a nice basis on how to get past your fears, and be able to give your students the most advanced education available.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Chapter Three

Developing Lessons with Technology

- How can teachers evaluate and assess their students?

Teachers can evaluate and assess what their students know by giving them assignments or testing them on the material. There are many different ways to test students to see what they have acquired.  Teachers can give many different types of tests to their students.

-Online educational testing policy

I found the information in the book to be interesting. I believe that standardized testing in theory is a good measure for how much students are retaining, but the tests do not take many factors into consideration. I am glad to see that there is an organization trying to eliminate the flaws, and make the tests more fair across the board.


This chapter covers how teachers can integrate technology into the process of planning, teaching, and evaluating their students. There are a multitude of ways to integrate technology into planning your lessons. You can research the topic using the internet, or you can view the standards of that given topic. Teaching using technology can be anything from finding media that coincides with the topic to making a powerpoint presentation. Assessment can also be given in the form of multiple choice questions to an essay that the student blogs on a website. I know when I was in high school the most technologically advanced teaching aid we had was an old overhead projector. At that time it did allow my teacher to write notes with out having to turn her back to a rowdy class of sophomores. I am really excited to have more advanced technology when I teach.