Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 4

How can teachers integrate technology into their work as educators?

  • They can use technology inside the classroom to present new material.
  • They can use technology outside the classroom for professional resources.
  • They can use technology for the students to access inside and outside of the classroom.

Online technology integration resources

 I think this section gives a good place to start when attempting to integrate technology into your classroom. It not only gives you some simple ideas, but also gives you the standards for teachers. I am also intrigued by the NCTE inbox and blog.  It is a nice way for teachers of English to stay on the leading edge of technology specifically for their topic.


I think that this chapter gives many good ideas for how to integrate technology into the classroom. I also found it comforting that I might not be the only person that would be intimidated by technology and the fact that my students are probably more adept at it than I am.  I think it gives a nice basis on how to get past your fears, and be able to give your students the most advanced education available.

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  1. Having that confidence can be a tough battle, but you can do it! :)

    Do be sure to develop more depth in your blog posting, to include reflection - how do you think you can personally integrate technology into your work as an educator (based on the answer to the focus question). And also add a photo/video/hyperlink to enhance your post for the future. There are resources in Canvas, but feel free to ask.